SMART-I develops i-tech solutions and smart products to perform the automatic analysis of the urban areas of a Smart City, to reduce the waste of energy for public lighting, to decrease the air pollution, to enhance the urban mobility, and to increase the citizens' safety. The hidden technology behind SmartEye is made of a powerful electronic brain with an exclusive Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine (patented). Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Situation Awareness give to the System the capability of understanding what is really happening on the road, without human intervention.



As result of a 5 years R&D process, Airgloss perfected a unique gas sensing technology for environmental monitoring allowing detection of a wide rande of airborne contaminants. Based on proprietary MEMS elements, combined with state-of-the-art pattern recognition, this technology was initially developed for Space, with the safety of astronauts in mind and was successfully tested for the first time on the ISS during the STS-134 NASA Shuttle Mission. From this experience, Airgloss envolved into and affordable solution, with the aim to provide energy efficiency, comfort and safety for homes, workspaces, schools and any other indoor environment.

Frequently asked questions

1Which platforms are supported by the App?

The app can be used on iOS and Android devices.

2Can I connect two or more Priya into my house?

Yes you can. Every Priya works autonomously from the eachothers. The App will manage all the devices at the same time.

3Can Priya be hung on a wall or from the ceiling?

Of course! Priya has been designed to be easily placed anywhere. It's magnetic holders allow the device to be placed on any wall or surface including the ceiling.

4Can Priya be placed outside?

No, Priya is a device designed to be used inside the home, it is not waterproof and thus is recommended to be installed in an enclosed area.

5Why is Priya more expensive compared to other cameras?
Priya is not just a simple surveillance camera like ones currently available on the market. Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, integrated into a single device, you have functionalities that would normally require 3 different devices: a surveillance video camera, an air quality sensor, and a baby monitor. At the end you may save up to 50% of the overall costs!

1Is there an integrated battery?
Of course! Priya is equipped with an internal battery of 2600mAh.
2How long does the battery last?
The integrated battery allows up to 10 hours of continuous working.
3Why there is a SIM card slot?
By inserting a sim card with a mobile data plan on, you will have a Priya’s full operational capacity even in case of fault of your home wi-fi network.
4What happens if the Wi-Fi drops?
Thanks to the SIM slot it comes equipped with, Priya can connect to a 4G network in case of a malfunction with the Wi-Fi network.
5Is the SIM card included?
No, the SIM card data allowance is dependent on an individual's requirements. It's a personal choice on which we wouldn't want to impose any constraints.
6What happens if I don't have a network connection and Priya therefore can't connect to the cloud A.I.?
Priya comes with an SD card that allows your data to be memorized in the event that there are problems with the home network.
7Is the SD card included?
No. It's possible to insert an SD card, which can be tailored to your personal needs.

1How long it takes to get the notifications on my phone?
Notifications & alerts are very fast. You will receive them within 2 secs from the event detection.
2What is the role of the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?
A.I. is a relevant part of the system. It is used to let the system understand the events, instead of only to detect them. Thanks to the A.I. you can really benefit of all the Priya’s functionalities and to have affordable alerts. Check out the cloud services description.
3How does Priya inform me that my child is sleeping in a bad position?
Priya uses the main features of the face to understand whether a child is sleeping in the right position or whether there's any danger of suffocation. When the face gets covered by a sheet, it is turned on the pillow or there’s an object that could compromise breathing, a notification is immediately sent via the app. That is why Priya helps reducing the risks of SIDS.
4How much will the monthly service of Artificial Intelligence cost?
the monthly fee will be 9.9 $/€ and 4.9 $/€ for the Family Care & Baby Care Artificial Intelligence services respectively.
5Will the device work without any artificial intelligence services?
Of course! The basic version of Priya includes all functions that come with the "Home care" package free for ever.