There are plenty of home-security devices on the market: cameras, smoke and gas detectors, baby monitors, temperature sensors, thermostats, etc., but each one has its own technology, its own function and its own separate cost.

As well as this, the current systems are only designed to detect and monitor, and occasionally also to inform, but they aren't capable of interpreting data and alerting the user.
At home, we believe that you need a device that is:

• Simple, both to install and to use, without pages and pages of manuals to real.

• Comprehensive, capable of meeting the main day-to-day requirements on its own.

• Portable, easily moved around the house as required.

• Clever, capable of properly understanding and helping.

• Beautiful and elegant, because beauty is important.

With Priya, we want to bring all of this into your home, and tangibly help you to look after your family.



Artificial Intelligence, 100% Wire-Free, Rechargeable, 2-Way Audio, Clear Night Vision, Local Backup Storage, Cloud Service, Live video & audio, Motion & Noise detection, Person Detection, Face recognition, Integrated Microphone/Speaker, Magnetic base, +180° Tilt, 360° Pan/Roll, Privacy mode, LED ACTIVITY LIGHTS, Built in air quality & gas sensors, Wall mount.